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Ultimate 3D
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Ultimate 3D

Ultimate 3D

Ultimate 3D is a free 3D engine, which can be used through the game creation software Game Maker. The basic idea is to offer a possibility to make advanced 3D graphics without much effort and knowledge. Ultimate 3D offers a wide range of features, which can lead to impressive effects, but are easy to use anyway. It's vastly superior to the built-in 3D functionality of Game Maker.

Since July 2008 Ultimate 3D for Game Maker is discontinued. The version available here is still based upon Direct3D 8.1. Anyway here is a list of the key-features of Ultimate 3D:

  • An easy to use and efficient system for the creation of primitive geometry
  • Support for loading 3D models from:
    • Animated Anim8or model files, also with bone influences and skin weights (*.an8)
    • Animated 3D Studio Max files (*.3ds)
    • Animated Quake II model files (*.md2)
    • Animated DirectX model files, also with vertex skinning (*.x)
    • Animated Milkshape 3D model files, also with vertex skinning (*.ms3d)
    • The Ultimate 3D model file format, which can export any data Ultimate 3D can handle and supports simple encryption (*.u3d)
  • Vertex tweening, a technique to make frame based animations (as used by *.md2 files) smooth
  • An easy to use system for lighting and fog
  • Support for sky spheres and sky cubes
  • Functions for drawing 2D graphics and text
  • Fully automatic generation of levels of detail
  • Functions to manipualte models at runtime
  • Cel-shading for graphics in comic style
  • Multi texturing for techniques such as light mapping
  • Spherical and cubical environment mapping for perfect reflections
  • A comfortable shader management system for endless effects supply
  • Support for post screen shaders for even more effects
  • Parallax mapping and bump mapping (i.e. normal mapped per pixel lighting)
  • Realtime shadows through shadow volumes
  • An efficient terrain renderer for large, detailed terrains
  • A complex particle effects system
  • Support for multiple cameras (split screen)
  • Render to texture and render to cube texture functions for reflections, security monitors and post-screen shaders
  • Math functions for efficient matrix and vector calculations
  • A portal engine for simple and higly efficient culling
  • Support for fullscreen antialiasing

If you are looking for my more recent work, please take a look at my blog Moments in Graphics.

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